Ventilators Don’t Cure COVID-19. What Happens When People Come Off Them? | Opinion

From Newsweek

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds in sections, it appears that the question of whether there will be enough ventilators available for everyone that needs one has been answered.

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Science on the fly: Resist the urge to jump on every new COVID-19 theory

From Chicago Tribune

Each morning during these most unusual of times, I find an inbox filled with messages from both my medical colleagues and well-informed laypeople attaching articles or links to webpages referencing the latest “breakthroughs” in the fight against the coronavirus.

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In health care access, doctor privelege is real. This is how it works


COVID-19 has made me ask myself if I would “make the call” to get a loved one treatment. I’ve considered it before

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Supply Isn’t the Problem With Organ Transplants

From The Wall Street Journal

There are plenty of donors to meet the need, but the system is so inefficient that available organs often don’t reach desperate patients.

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As the Need for Organ Transplants Grows, the Number of Transplant Physicians Dwindles


During the 25 years I’ve been a transplant doctor, I’ve cared for hundreds of patients who received lung transplants.

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