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The field of organ transplantation is perhaps the most miraculous and awe-inspiring in the world of medicine. A transplanted heart, kidney, liver, or lung gives a patient a second chance at life, saving families, marriages, and careers using feats of technological wizardry and medical prowess undreamt of in generations past. Perhaps it’s no wonder that transplant doctors – even more than physicians in other specialties – may come to be viewed as wonder-workers nearly godlike in their genius and power. And some, against their better instincts, are lured into seeing themselves the same way.

Readers of Dr. Weill’s book will come away with a new and deeper understanding of modern medicine, especially the amazing field of organ transplantation. They’ll understand how the transplant experience changes patients’ lives; it’s a profound and transformative experience to face mortality and get a second chance, a rebirth of sorts. The bravery of the transplant patients we’ll meet in the pages of this book, fighting so hard for that second chance at life, is remarkable and inspiring.

Readers will also see how transplantation changes doctors’ lives. Transplant is a medical miracle. Yet at its essence, it’s a very human endeavor, performed by mortals with strengths and weaknesses, powerful gifts and profound flaws. David Weill is one of those people, and this is his story – by turns exhilarating, disturbing, fascinating, and ultimately moving.

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